Slacking Vegetarian

Yeah, sorry. Have not updated in quite some time. May have to do with the fact that I was really busy with classes, finals, papers and studying.  But now that is all over, I am back to working full time – 40 hours a week.  Maybe even more. Let me tell you right now, I cannot believe how fast the semester went. I cannot believe how fast the YEAR went. It’s almost 2011. How disgusting is that? Christmas is in 4 days. I haven’t done any shopping. BARELY anything. I am slacking in all aspects of my life. I am too lazy to blog, to cook, to shop…to do anything. It’s really sad! I think that my new years resolution is to get off my butt and DO THINGS.

What is funny is the first few sentences of my post talked about how I was so busy with school that I was too BUSY to do anything. And now here I am talking about how I don’t do anything and waste my life away. Can I get anything straight? Seriously.

Well, 2011 is around the corner. This marks another year where people can’t wear those STUPID New Year’s glasses with the eye holes in the 00’s.

Thank god. SO tacky!



Okay, anyway. My mom found this recipe that I thought I would pass along.

It’s not original; GASP I know. But I don’t have time to think of something today.

Mac and Cheese with Broccoli

Yum- enjoy!

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