Hi my name is Katie! I am from central New Jersey. Yes, we do exist. I am currently a Super Senior at Rowan University. I am majoring in Advertising and minoring in Communication Studies. My dream job is to be a copywriter or head of accounts at a major advertising agency. I will make it, and I will achieve that goal. Until I reach that goal, I want to get as much experience in the advertising and marketing fields as much as I can. By blogging, I hope to make myself more talkative and communicable.

I am a vegetarian and I have been one for about ten years. The recipes and food that I will blog about on my website will mostly center around vegetarian foods, recipes and items. I will update with many kinds of recipes ranging from baked goods to Japanese foods and soups. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy making things for others.

So stay tuned, and hopefully we all can learn something from the little blog of a 22 year old girl in Jersey!


In addition to original content, I also do paid posts and guest posts.

Every so often I will personally review a product or service, to help those advertisers out there.

I figure if I want to be in advertising, I should pay it forward!

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