Going out to eat while being a vegetarian.

I know a lot of vegetarians do not like to eat out at restaurants. I am definitely one of those people. I am very picky when it comes to what I eat and I find myself second guessing and questioning exactly what may have touched my food. I know it says it has all vegetables on it, but how do I know if the guy that is cutting up my carrots didn’t just cut up chicken?

It freaks me out a bit and to be honest turns me off eating anywhere where I cannot see the food prepared in front of  me. That is why I like cooking my own food :)

I love hibatchi because I can see everything cooking in front of me, and I see they start on a clean surface. When you are a vegetarian at hibatchi, 100% of the time they will prepare your tofu and veggies before hand, so you have your food way before the chicken ever touches the grill.

What are your feelings?

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