I love my Keurig.

Coffee is great in pair with anything.

Pasta + coffee = win

Bagel + coffee = win

Anything + coffee = you got it! I don’t think I can start my day without a pipping hot cup <3 I’ve been able to experiment with my favorite flavors, tastes and brands. And I have to say the best is the darker kinds, and ones with coconut/nutty hints. Om nom. It’s funny because I used to hate the taste of coffee, when I was younger of course. But now, I love the taste and I prefer the darker, bold flavors over anything!

When I started working in an office, I had to get used to working in the office environment. That meant sharing a “fridge” and kitchen space. At the time, we had no mini fridge or Keurig machine. It wasn’t until a year has passed at my job, that we got those appliances. We knew Keurigs had a great reputation, but we weren’t sure which one would be the best for us. I took to the internet to look for some coffee machine reviews that would help us get the perfect machine for us. We took into consideration the number of people in our office, and how often, or how many cups we would drink each day. In the end, we opted with the regular machine because it all made sense in the end. We would only need it Monday-Friday, and there would be 5-7 people at most using it everyday.

Every month or so, we get coffee k-cup deliveries to our office. Delivering fresh and exciting new kinds of coffee for us to try. The most exciting part of all of this is that my brother bought a Keurig machine for our house back in September. So now I never have to live without a fresh brewed cup of coffee!

So here is a great recipe that would fit perfectly with a nice cup of java!

Mad props to The Pioneer Woman for this delicious recipe!

The Best Coffee Cake Ever!

Here are all of your ingredients!

Follow the simple recipe over on her page.

It came out so good!

Another great pairing with coffee is an italian cream cake! Give that sucker a try ;)

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