Cheese,cheese,chocolate! Fondue party!

So my brother gifted his girlfriend a fondue set for Christmas. So naturally that meant, FONDUE PARTY!  Laura just moved into a new apartment with her mom and she decided to have a house warming/fondue party together. I definitely had a great time! We got there a little before the football and hockey games were on so we were able to drink a little/a lot of wine beforehand! Laura made orzo with mozzerella cheese and basil, and steak tips for an appetizer. I didn’t eat the steak of course, but the orzo was vegetarian and it was tasty! It was all prepared and cooked very fast, so in no time the cheese was cooking and ready for eats. I looked at the recipe that Laura used and it incorporated a little beer, and less milk. So it was more of a beer batter type cheese instead of milky/dairy cheese.

The base of the cheese was mostly cheddar and Monterrey, nothing fancy like Gouda or one of those expensive German cheeses. Once people started to dig in, the cheese didn’t keep a proper consistancy but it was still flavorful. Hey, it was her first time, no one is perfect. We learn from our mistakes! There were veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for dipping. She also had pretzels and bread. For dessert, of course there was melted chocolate. With bananas, oreos, apples, brownies, rice krispy treats and marshmallows to dip in. The chocolate was really good, but of course very sweet.

Cheese Fondue!


It was her first one, but there will be more fondue to come! I suggested trying out some other kinds of cheeses next time, a variety would be awesome! And white chocolate is my favorite, so I would be so excited for that!

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