BlogWorldLA, Shabu Shabu and stuff!

I feel as if the gift that the Goog has given me should inspire me to do something more with this blog.

I kind of want to make it more than a cooking blog. I have more to say and more to put out there.

After my BlogWorldLA excursion, I sort of have a new outlook on some things.

I want to take this experience and apply it all aspects of my life.

As I type this blog post, I am annoyed by my sticking broken space bar. But I am happy with the Noel Gallagher album playing in the background, the great conversations I am having with friends and the nice smelling shampoo I just used.

So here’s to new beginnings! :) Cheers!

During my trip to LA, I ate at fabulous shabu shabu place in downtown LA called Yojie.

My coworker Melissa and I shared a pitcher (haha, no kidding) of delicious sake sangria.

She did the salmon and steak shabu shabu.

I got the vegetarian sukiyaki. But I did not document this food because I didn’t want to get my phone dirty.

But I did get a photo of our evidence of OWNING that sake sangria:


and the most epic thing evar:


We dipped bananas, strawberries, rice krispy treats and little red velvet and marble pound cake squares in it.

Pretty much died right there!


I am going to update my blog with other BWELA stuff later! Good night!

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