Traveling, vacation, and where to eat?!

I have some  family members living in the UK right now, believe it or not, it’s news to me too. They gave us a ring this weekend and asked us to come visit. The reason being one of our family members passing away last week. The funeral and wake would be here in NJ, but they could not make it. Feeling helpless, they asked us to give our condolences, but not just that, they asked us to come see them across the pond! I thought it was a great idea, because I have never been to the UK before and it also serves as a mini vacation of some sort. After squealing at the prospect of going  to England, I started scheming and planning.

We worked out a great plan for the week that we would go visit. A few nights we would eat out, and the others we would cook. Since we are unfamiliar to the area, Josie (my great aunt, step aunt I believe) suggested we take a look at some of the best restaurants in Cleveland and read their reviews. I told them I have a picky pallet, being a vegetarian, but they assured me that Cleveland has plenty of places to offer any type of eater. Using this guide, I found an actual SECTION for vegetarian restaurants. Hello?! Thank you very much! And in case I have a craving for Thai, there are a myriad of places we could try out. After looking through the site, and reading Yelp! reviews, I settled on The Waiting Room. After reading their menu and drooling everywhere, I declared it as my pick of the restaurant I wanted. Because after seeing this on the menu:

Cauliflower Cheese Stromboli! £12.75
Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman you’re so pirdy * It’s a savoury roly poly! – a layered filling with mostly cauliflower cheese rolled in a pizza dough
Served with roast tomato sauce and apple and walnut, rocket salad

I nearly died. So excuse me as I do a happy dance and start packing for my trip…I leave in June!

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