Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! and missing “chicken pot pie”

Wow, I really need to stop slacking,

So I went home Monday, ready to take a picture of my pot pie and it turns out my dad ate the rest of it.

I couldn’t take a wonderful photo for you! Funny thing is, he isn’t a vegetarian! And he thought that my mom made an actual chicken pot pie!

He could NOT tell the difference. Haha, I totally tricked him, but not even on purpose. I asked him later on that week on Wednesday….

“Hey dad, how did you like my vegan chicken pot pie?” – Me

“HUH. What vegan chicken pot pie? I didn’t eat a vegan pot pie. I ate the one that was on the fridge that mom made.” – Dad

“Mom didn’t make a pot pie. I did. And that was soy chicken in there.” – Me

“Wow. Really?! I should try your soy crap more often.” – Dad

Haha. I love it!

Anyway last night I saw HP 7, the midnight showing at the AMC theater.

IT WAS AWESOME. I won’t spoil anything on here for anyone. But I really recommend you seeing it.

Even if you don’t read the books, GO SEE IT!

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