Foods you once hated as a child, but you now love.

….or tolerate.

So I know that you have some things that you hate. And these are the foods you will NEVER like. For me it is mushrooms.

No. Never. I won’t even post a gross picture of them here.


(give peas a chance)


(recommended by Popeye)


(to help know)


(thinly sliced on a sandwich only)

Now you have to admit it is kinda funny that all of these are vegetables and I am now vegetarian. I guess being a vegetarian has warmed me up to them.

I experimented with them, and prepared them in ways that I like. So, I guess by letting me do my own thing, I’ve grown to like them.

I am cool with a nice spinach salad. Or peas in a cup of rice. Maybe throw some cabbage and egg noodles together for a quick easy dinner.

Have any ideas?

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