Vegetarian Pizza!

I have  been really busy this past week or two. Kinda neglecting this because the only time I am at a computer is at work. My laptop charger broke so I cannot use my laptop at all until the new one comes. I had SUCH trouble calling Asus Customer Service to try to make a repair/service inquiry. It was ridiculous. I called probably 5 times! I think they didn’t have my email right. Then they sent me the wrong forms. Idiots! Jeez, I was so mad after making that 5th call just to file an inquiry about getting a new charger. Why should it be so hard?

Anyways. I’ve been trying to make use of my free time. Cleaning the house, going out, going to the gym. But staying home in bed always sounds nicer. Sunday I went to a car with my brother and some friends,  and last night I went to dinner and to a club for my brother’s birthday. I had a good time. Drank enough, and stayed out too late. I am definitely paying for it now.

So, yay. My financial aid went through. I get loans for this year again. Makes me feel at ease.  Uhm what else? Nothing really.  I got a new kitten! Haha that’s big news. His name is Dexter, but I honestly just call him Booger. Boog for short. He’s a stinker.  Anyway, I was thinking about having pizza for dinner one night and I thought of a yummy recipe. Haven’t tried it yet, but I would like to see how it comes out.

Dough:  Make your own or buy the stuff in a can!

Cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, romano and feta

Sauce: basil pesto

Veggies: plum tomatoes, spinach

I think I will try this!

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