TV cooking comes to the backwoods!

Thanks to Katheryn Swinton for writing this post.

I am a closet chef. I admit it. Growing up, I would watch and videotape any local cooking show that aired. Many people like me wanted to learn more about cooking from the famous chefs and personalities that are featured in the magazines, but if you live in the country you know this is impossible. There are many rural areas that are not serviced by cable companies. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of small town cooks who would love to find new recipes for their families and how to prepare them quickly and easily. The thing that changed my life and improved my talents in the kitchen was finally getting the ability to watch food shows on various cable tv specials about food and cooking. This has been a life changer. I can now find high definition broadcasts that air twenty-four hours a day! From good old southern cooking to the finest French cuisine, TV cooking has finally made it to the backwoods! If you know someone stuck in an isolated area, the gift of proper TV access can truly change his or her world.

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