So very tired today.

This is me today. Didn’t get a good nights sleep. I stopped at Wawa this morning for coffee but it has not hit me yet. I had a lot to do this week actually. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. I hate the dentist! I hate when my lips get dry. That is such a pet peeve thing I have. As I sit here typing I am thinking about reaching for my Carmex. Anyway, the week has gone by pretty fast. It’s Thursday already. Tonight I have to meet my best friend Jessica at David’s Bridal so I can try on dresses for her wedding next year. I am the maid of honor! Yay! Jessica decided she wanted a fairy tale wedding, so she will tie the knot in Disney next July. I cannot tell you how excited I am. <3 THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER <3 I love Harry Potter. Hahaha.

So yes, dress fitting tonight. And then tomorrow after work I am going straight down the shore. I’ll probably be there til Sunday morning. I need this mini vacation so badly.  All I want to do Friday-Sunday is lounge at the beach, drink long island iced tea, read Harry Potter over in preparation of The Death Hallows Part 1. UGH. So excited. I really have no plans for the 4th of July but I think my neighbors are having a party so I will head over there. I got invited to another BBQ but I am going to be driving home from Seaside and I don’t feel like driving an additional 30-45 minutes up north. Need to conserve gas and my sanity.

I started playing Dead Space too. I really have had no time to cook, so I have nothing to update with as of now. But maybe I’ll have the motivation tomorrow.

So tired.

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