Craving Cake Boss

Posting by Kayla Groone

My favorite reality TV show would have to be Cake Boss. Luckily, I can now watch it since I got a cable tv deal. My old cable company was off more than it was on!

I am a very creative person and am amazed at the talent on this show. The show has many talented people who are all involved in making the cakes. Five or six people can be involved in creating one cake. I am finding out that a cake can be absolutely made into anything! I have seen a dog cake, a motorcycle cake, and a Sesame Street cake. A lot of thought and talent is put into designing these cakes. And they usually turn out pretty good! Sometimes they tend to have design problems but they work them out.

As with every reality tv show, there is always a little bit of drama with each episode. Either a sister doesn’t like a cake, someone sold a cake they weren’t supposed to, or a cake won’t fit into the delivery van. There is always a good outcome to the problems though. This show proves that anything can be done if one really wants to!

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