Vegetarian Chinese Food

I’ve seen a lot of chinese restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes. Meanings, bean curd, tempeh, tofu…etc. All veggies.

But I have never seen a chinese food restaurant cook or make dishes with soy chicken or other soy products.

I would love to have some soy sesame chicken. I did some research online and it seems there are a few “vegetarian chinese” places in Philly.

It’s a bit far from where I am to go for Chinese food so I doubt I would ever make it there. But if I am ever in the area, I must try it out.

So, the next best thing is just making my own!



TBS Vegetable Oil

Soy chicken tenders, or nuggets

Sesame Sauce (from any Asian market)

Sesame seeds

White rice, if you want it!

Easy instructions:

Boil water for rice. I’m not going to tell you how to make rice! Haha.

Heat the oil and sauce.

Throw in the soy chicken, let it soften a bit.

Add your broccoli and let things saute for about 10 minutes. (I like the sauce on everything, not just the soy chicken)

Once the broccoli is a bit soft, put your rice on a plate and add the soy chicken and broccoli on top.

Shake some sesame seeds on top of that.

And you’re done.

Enjoy :)

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