Bloggy Boot Camp Boston Part 2

Okay! So after the first night, we settled into bed and had a nice long sleep.

Errr. NOT!

We had to wake up early early early for classes the next day and it was so horrible outside! Raining, windy. Yuck.

Melissa and I made it to the Seaport Hotel for the breakfast and sat at a table with some lovely ladies. One rep from Invisalign, and some really wonderful bloggers.

Classes started immediately after breakfast and continued until 5pm. I really enjoyed all the sessions and definitely learned a lot from the ladies that taught them.

I was blown away by how successful some of the women were and how self supporting they were.

I wish I could type up all of the awesome points and information that I learned but I will save that for another time.

The lunch was absolutely delicious, here is a little taste ;)

So fantastic. Mmmhmm.

So after lunch we went right back into classes for a few more hours. The session I really enjoyed was one led by The Mod Chik. She was fantastic and really unique.

After sessions we had a chance to network with the brands and bloggers again. It was cool to be able to talk to the reps of the companies sponsoring the event. It was nice to hear why they chose to be a part of the conference.

After a hard day full of learning and note taking, we got our goodie bags courtesy of BBC and Walmart and went back to the hotel for a nice needed nap.

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