Bloggy Boot Camp Boston Trip

Hey readers!

Today is May 10th and I must say that I had a great weekend.

I went to Boston for the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference.

On Friday, my friend Melissa and I took the 11:30am train out of Metro Park Station.

We were about to embark on a 5+ hour journey to Boston South Station.

We made many stops on the way which included,

After downing two Dramamine, I was asleep like a baby. I was not going to chance my motion sickness like I did back in October at BlogWorld. I learned from that big mistake that I do get motion sickness after long transportation rides and was not going to do that to myself again. So off to dream world I went.

A couple hours passed and I awoke to a growling stomach that could not be ignored. I decided it was time to woman up and buy some train snacks…erm overly priced train snacks. I weighed my options and my wallet and decided a bag of pretzels and a Diet Pepsi would do. And it did.

Finally after another nap, passing through more of Connecticut and Rhode Island, we arrived in Boston. Melissa and I grabbed a cab and made our way to our hotel, The Club Quarters.

Exciting! Our hotel was tiny and cute and just perfect. We unpacked and relaxed for a few hours, had a delicious sushi dinner and waiting until we had to make our way to the wine tasting and networking event. Here we met some fabulous blogging ladies! After the event we walked around Boston a bit and tried to find somewhere cozy to hang out at. We asked some locals for a good spot and ended up at Clarke’s. It was nice for a little bit but soon the fatigue overtook us and we made our way back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

Part 2….coming soon!

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