Issues with Restaurants

I went to get Subway yesterday and I was really unsatisfied with my sandwich.

I got a Veggie Delight. And they give you cheese with that, right. So since you aren’t getting meat, you would think they would give you MORE cheese. Since veggies are free, and someone that gets a sandwich with meat on it, is allowed the same amount of veggies as you anyway. So when I am given the same amount, if not LESS cheese than a person getting a meat/cheese sub, you can guess that I was pretty pissed off.

If I am not getting meat on my sub, and you give me less cheese than my friend with a meat/cheese sub, and all I am getting is cheese…well what the hell is that. Subway, you suck. This crap needs to be fixed. I was pretty upset because when I asked for more cheese, I was charged an extra dollar. When I go to Wawa, QuickChek, Quiznos, etc, I am given plenty of cheese and I pay the same amount. I paid for extra cheese and Subway and I still didn’t get the same amount of cheese that I get with Wawa/QuickChek/Quiznos with their normal amount.

Skimpy, Subway, you are skimpy.


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3 Responses to “Issues with Restaurants”

  1. cindy says:

    I’d write them via their website or give customer service a call. Often times, indivdiual stores are rated by customer reviews and they do not want bad marks! Might be worth a try and maybe you could score a free sandwich or two :) Good luck! I agree with ya!

  2. Katie says:

    i actually commented on their Facebook but got no answer :(

    Maybe a quick email or customer service ring would help. I just want their standards I guess. I know certain places have a ounce limit/requirement on subs.

    We will see! :)

  3. josephine says:

    ugh! i hate subway for that, sometimes its the only option thought. I only get the veggie and i get it with out cheese and they put 2 cucumber slices, a sprig of lettuce and 3 peppers, its so frustrating, i feel your pain.

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