Supplements for vegetarians

As a vegetarian, people may think I do not get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that meat gives.

This isn’t true! All of the foods that I eat are high in protein and do replace the vitamins and minerals that meat provides.

I also take a daily vitamin for the days that I feel that I didn’t get enough iron or protein. My doctor told me that the iron was not necessary, because I am in no way iron deficient. So there! HAH!

But I could see that many people do need to take extra iron or protein. Many of these types of people are bodybuilders and weight trainers.

A lot of these people also take protein supplements to build extra muscle, in addition to their work out routines.

I used to be a dancer and gymnast, so I remember the days of being a wall of muscle. This is not the case anymore. But if I was ever interested in building muscle again, I would look into these types of supplements with creatine in them. Creatine is a naturally occuring acid in the body that helps supply energy to all cells in the body which includes our muscles. That sounds great to me!

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