Summer is here…

I can smell the barbecues driving down the street! One would think a vegetarian couldn’t have fun at one. But there are plenty of foods for a vegetarian to eat at a barbecue as I have pointed out.

Next week I am going into NYC to see Stephen Colbert! I hope to stop in at the Zenith Vegetarian Restaurant if there is time.

New York City has a lot to offer for vegetarians. I found this link very helpful!
My job has given me a great opportunity to see thousands of bloggers online.
I have come across some great writers and cooks.
It is always exciting to come across a blog that you enjoy reading and look forward to checking on every so often. :)
Well, I am kinda dry on ideas and what to talk about today. Hopefully when I hit the gym later on, I will be able to think of some recipes. Or things to talk about on here. For dinner, I am thinking of some Tofu Fajitas or Stir-Fry with Tempeh.
Catch you later!
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