Morning Star Farms

Guys, cannot tell you how excited I am.

Morning Star Farms stopped making vegetarian Mini Corn Dogs and Corn Dogs a few years back. But I just found out they are making them again!

YAY. These were my absolute favorite, along with the broccoli bites (R.I.P.) I hope they bring those back too, nomnomnom!

I just-ugh-I am really happy. I remember I emailed the company asking why they would do such a horrible thing to me and stop making my favorite snack food ever. Apparently they were losing money and had to cut back on production. And sadly, my prized mini-corn dogs got the ax. ;_;

Well, that is all in the past now. They are back! Unfortunately, they’re not in my area yet but I am hoping and praying they will be. HEAR THAT MSF!? I WANT MY CORN DOGS! :D

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