Father’s Day cake trouble!

Okay, so this past weekend was Father’s day. And I decided, well I thought it would be nice if I baked a cake for my dad. So I went to the store and made my way over to the cake aisle. I decided to make a chocolate cake, with cherry icing and put slivered almonds on top with a few fresh cherries as well. I don’t like chocolate cake myself, but I thought it sounded like a tasty cake after looking at the cake flavors and icing flavors that ShopRite had.

I arrived back home and started making my cake. After starting to make my cake, I realized I had nothing nice to put the cake on. I mean, yeah, an aluminum pan is usually the way to go…but I was tuned into the Food Network and I was watching a cake showdown. All of these bakers had these nice, state of the art cake stands. I was jealous! I wanted one just like it. After putting my cake in the oven, I made my way over my laptop and started looking for places online that could help me with my non-existent cake stand problem.

I found the website, Become.com whose motto is “Shopping your way.” I immediately was satisfied by their easy and simple site navigation.  I was linked directly to their cake stand section and I went right to browsing. I found a few that I liked such as this cake stand one, with a clear display. I like the fact that the cake I worked so hard on could be shown even after it’s ‘put away.’  For cakes that are extra yummy, that will be eaten right away that won’t need a covering, I found this Martha Stewart cake stand. I decided it would be best to have both kinds in my kitchen at all times.

I found it so fantastic to shop, browse and buy a cake stand in the convenience of my own home. And all in the time it takes to bake a cake!If you need a cake stand or anything for that matter, use http://www.become.com for all your needs!


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  1. Love Songs  says:

    being vegetarian made me a lot healthier and leaner~:;

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