Warm soft Croissants

Wow, you know what I am craving right now?

Croissants! YUM!

Seriously, there is almost nothing better than a good, delicious buttery soft croissant and a hot cup of coffee for breakfast.

I really love it when they basically melt in your mouth.

I remember going to this cafe in New York one time, and I ordered a spinach and cheese croissant and it was so good you don’t even know.

I would do anything for one of those right now! The cheese was perfectly melted, the spinach was fresh, the croissant was warm and flakey.

That was all I needed to make me happy all day :) But I am going to be honest, those Pillsbury canned things do NOT cut it.

So gross! Do you guys agree? They’re just blah and plastic tasting. :{

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