Vegetarian Cooking Special! Snow and holidays!

Hey guys, again slacking I know. I have been so busy with the holidays and everything.

So I will do a quick, little update telling you what I did for the holidays up until now.

Christmas Eve: Went to my friend Corey’s house for a little wine party.

Christmas: Had dinner at my Uncles with my cousins, dad, brother and grandma. Then came home, cooked my Tofurkey. I ate Christmas dinner with my mom. In the evening I went to The Grove, hung with my brother, and my friends Corey, Chris, Rich, Christine and saw EVERYONE from high school. So. many. people. It was packed, and I thought that was weird for a Christmas night.

And then, we had Snowpacalypse 2010 again. 

This was probably HALF WAY through the storm. We had so much more after this. A total of 23 inches.

Anyways. So after the snow stopped,  I didn’t go anywhere for a few days. Locked indoors because of the snow and crappy roads. I wonder where all my tax money goes? Because the township sure didn’t use it to plow my street. And I live on  road that goes through 3 towns. So, yeah. Pretty nasty.

Okay, nothing really else happened until New Years. I spent it at my friend Peter’s house. Lots of fun!

So inbetween that, and today…all I have really done is work. OH! I also went to a Devil’s game and I might be working with their Marketing Department in Social Media/Blog/ and Fan Interaction. So yay! That sounds good to me.

Still waiting on one more grade from last semester but my GPA is almost a 3.7. I wish it was a 3.85 but that seems unreachable at this point.

Also! I was flipping through channels and a Vegetarian special was on the Cooking Channel. The Veg Edge on the Cooking Channel featured a lot of great vegetarian places to eat at. Although most of these places were in Texas, and Portland, it was great info. If I ever venture to those states and cities I know where I can eat.

I have mentioned vegetarian restaurants around where I live, but these places look amazing!

So I also went to a Devils game this week. I went on Tuesday. And it was fun, but they lost. Of course. I got this great opportunity to work with the Devils Marketing Department now, and I think it’s going to be pretty neat. Hopefully that will work out for me.

I have a lot to say but it would be so disorganized in this entry. As you can see, I am pretty much all over the place. I am currently reading Russell Brand’s autobiography. It is pretty nuts!

I want to try out this recipe as well. I think I may do it this weekend if I have the chance. Google calls it Cabbage and Pea curry, but I don’t want to add any curry!

Ingredients are:



Egg noodles


Pinch of paprika

Salt and pepper

Olive oil (Tbs)


1. Saute the garlic in the olive oil

2. Add chopped cabbage and peas, and onions too if you’d like

3. Let that saute together and add the salt pepper and paprika.

4. Boil water for the egg noodles

5. Add noodles to the sauteed veggies and let the olive oil soak into the noodles

And thats it! Simple! I just came up with this recipe really fast. I was thinking about what food I have in the cabinet and I came up with that.

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  1. nice dish. I will try this dish at home today

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