Dream vacation to London!

Alrighty, going to tell all of you a little secret I have. It’s a dream of mine to go to London. It is on my bucket list, for sure. But was unsure because I know London restaurants and food do incorporate a lot of meat. But I was relieved to find out from my friends at Pages of London, that London does have a huge vegetarian following. Vegetarian culture in London is a huge up and coming lifestyle. My school right now is actually offering a trip to Europe with London being one of the main stops. I am so interested in doing this because like I said, traveling to Europe is something I have always wanted to do.

Doing a little snooping online, I found tons of great resources for vegetarians wanting to find help with eating in London. I stumbled upon this fantastic restaurant while surfing. The Hummus Bros are a neat little place in London that actually allow you to browse their menu online your own way. You can customize it based on your likes and eating habits. How cool is that!?  I would totally dig their Falafel Salad.

So this school trip to London is during the summer but it’s way way expensive. It’s about $4,000 for 2 months. NOT including credits and the credits are mandatory. The credits are probably another $1,000. So it’s not worth it, because I graduate in May with extra credits anyway. I don’t need another 3.

Okay, so I thought it would be a great idea to actually post one of my own recipes again. Considering this is MY cooking blog, haha. BACK ON TRACK!

So, I was trying to think of something I haven’t done yet, and then I realized I pretty much covered a lot of food groups. With this one, I am going to combine a bunch of things.

Vegetable quick rice with stir fried vegetables and chik’n strips!

(no original picture because I haven’t made it yet, man  I SUCK)

But trust me, it would look a lot like this.

I do get lazy, hey who doesn’t? SO. I like to use the quick rice. Microwave it baby.


1 cup water, 1 cup quick rice.

TBS marg or butter. I use Smart Balance!

And 1/2 tbs of this stuff: Better than Bouillion Vegetarian Soup Base

They also offer a meat free chicken and beef kind. But I cannot find in any stores this near me :{

Microwave for about five minutes and you’re all set!

Veggie Stir Fry Ingredients



Carrot Chips


Snow Peas


1 can of Water chestnuts

Bean sprouts

Now I am not going to tell you how much you need of each of these because,

well I am not sure how many people you are feeding. Add as much as you want.

Instructions for Stir Fry

Chop, cut, julliane, whatever  all the veggies up.

Add a little soy sauce and teriyaki sauce to this mixture.

Heat up a skillet or pan, add a little olive oil and chopped garlic

Once the pan is heated, add those veggies.

I also like  to add a bit of stir fry sauce to  give more flavor and sauce for the rice.

If you have a chinese market near you, I suggest you go and browse their inventory.

You might find something you like. I actually use a sauce I found there, but I cannot find anything online about it.

Add your stir fry sauce and put a lid on the pan.

You can now prepare your tofu, or tempeh, or vegetarian chicken. For this, I will use:

Morning Star Farms – Chik’n Strips.

Once the veggies are tender, add those babies and just wait til the sauce thickens and everything is cooked.

Then add the rice at the end. And its complete. ENJOY! :)

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